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I just love our hemp skin care products. In this dry cold weather, when you feel like your skin is about to crack from lack of moisture, having a good skin care regime makes a world of difference.

We often forget that our skin is our largest organ and what we use, absorbs rapidly into our blood stream. Using natural products without all the toxic chemicals just makes sense.


I love the Hemp Cleansing Cream which incorporates white willow bark and rosehips as a gentle exfoliant, mint to refresh and hemp oil to moisturize. What a wonderful way to wake up in the morning! When I feel like pampering myself, I use our cleanser as a face mask, leaving it on for 10 minutes or so. I just feel like I'm really cleaning my face and allowing the goodness of the ingredients to work their magic.


I then use our Hemp Replenishing Toner to close my pores, balance the PH of my skin, and reduce puffiness. It acts as an environmental barrier against all that pollution and grit in the air. With hemp oil, witch hazel and apple cider vinegar, the toner is very soothing on the skin. This toner is particularly effective as an anti-inflammatory, so useful for acne, eczema and allergy-prone skin. The toner can also double up as a deodorant as the ingredients will help to control and reduce the bacteria that cause body odors.


After toning my face, for daytime, I use our Hemp Moisturizing Cream, a luxurious blend of shea butter, hemp oil, essential oils and 12% Vitamin C and hyaleuronic acid to nourish my skin and keep it looking young and healthy. The cream has some zinc in it so there is protection against the sun. Zinc is also very good for our skin. Hylaleuronic acid holds 100 X its weight in moisture, so your skin will appear dewy and moisturized.


At night I use the Hemp Moisturizing Oil to really let my skin absorb the goodness of all the ingredients. Hemp Oil, Vitamin E, essential oils all work together to moisturize and heal. Some people use the Moisturizing Oil as a serum before using the Moisturizing Cream. I also use the oil to take care of my feet. I put a few drops of oil on my feet every night to help with the dry cracked heels and skin. The Moisturizing Oil is also good for any skin issues such as eczema, psoriasis and really dry itchy skin. It is safe for all ages.


Did you know that hemp oil is one of the few products that is non-comodogenic, it doesn't block your pores. The ratio of omegas in hemp 3-6-9 is very similar to what our body requires, so it is easily absorbed into the skin. You won't feel a greasy residue after using these products. Our products are good for any skin type. They are anti-microbial so they actually reduce blemishes and over time leaving your skin looking healthy. I find that you only need to use a small amount to get the results you want.


``Beautiful glowing skin comes from within. A very special fatty acid called GLA is required to maintain healthy skin. Skin disorders like eczema, psoriasis, rosacea, dermatitis, wrinkles, acne and dry skin occur when we do not have enough GLA. GLA makes your skin luminescent, dewy and glowing. The main reason our skin becomes dull and dry after menopause is due to the inability to make GLA. It is essential that we take a daily does of GLA to ensure beautiful skin. GLA is not found in fish or flax oil.``   Taken from the November 2016 Vista  Lorna Vanderhaeghe`s 4 Steps to Beautiful Skin, Hair & Nails.

Hemp is among the few products that contain GLA. GLA is fantastic used topically, but for even more age-fighting GLA try adding ZÿpChicks' hemp hearts and hemp oil to your diet, and provide your body with this incredible fatty acid.

Take care of your skin this winter, drink lots of water, use natural moisturizing products. Come and visit us at one of our shows to try the skin care for yourself.  For upcoming events, check us out on FaceBook at ZypChicks Healthy Living to see where we will be in the upcoming weeks.

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