Hemp TIMELESS-SILVER -- An Anti-Aging Formulation for Mature skin; More Mature Skin    

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50ml/ 1.75oz. Jar


Formulated for maturing and mature skin, TIMELESS-SILVER is a light, non-greasy, non-comdogenic (pore-clogging) lotion that can be used as a stand-alone daily skin nourish-er on all skin types or in conjunction with other specific purpose formulations, like moisturizing lotions and creams or serums. We recommend SativaCare TIMELESS-Silber be used in conjunction with our Peur-Glo Hemp C60 Serum.

Our formula contains state of the art ingredients of natural derivation that you and your skin will feel good about.  Our all-inclusive blend contains the perfect carrier oils, peptides, botanicals, vitamins and minerals that will keep you as young on the outside as you are always young at heart.

Directions for Use:

After cleansing, apply after all other serums and creams to lock them and to receive the maximum moisturizing benefits.