Hulled Hemp Seeds

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Hulled Hemp Seeds are a delicious and easy way increase the nutritional content of your food. Our hemp is locally grown, making it the freshest hemp in your kitchen.

Hemp is good for people who need to cut down or be free of gluten, sugar, milk, nuts and meat.

Between 3 - 5 tbps of hemp a day, taken in the morning with your breakfast, will nourish you and keep you satisfied until lunch.

People use hemp hearts for many reasons: increased energy, high blood pressure, eczema, high cholesterol, diabetes, skin and hair problems, arthritis just to name a few.

Live better: include a whole and natural food in your diet on a regular basis. 

STORAGE RECOMMENDATIONS: Store hemp out of direct sunlight and best in a dark environment such as your pantry. It can be refrigerated as well as frozen. Shelf life is reported at one year, though many people find it lasts much longer.