Be Your Best in 2017

Be Your Best in 2017

I can't believe that it's already the start of a New Year already! It feels as if so much that happened in 2016 was based on fear. The political scene has left me spinning. What changes are in store for us in this upcoming year?

I am not a big fan of New Year's resolutions as I seem never to follow through with them. However, as I  think over the past year for myself, there are changes I would like to see in my own life. No longer a spring chicken, I find myself thinking about what small things I can do to improve my life, bring more love into this world, albeit on a very small scale.

Health and well-being is a good place to start. Start small; love yourself by eating better this year. I will, to the best of my abilities, support local food producers. I will eat foods that nourish my body, such as our hemp hearts and our hemp oil. This is one food that is easy to include in your diet as you just have to add it to what you are already eating; smoothies, porridge, cereal, salads, just to name a few things.  Food is fuel for the body and the better we eat the better we function.

I will also take better care of my body. Instead of becoming a mass of loose muscles and jiggly bits, I am going to exercise more. Even a walk around our beautiful acreage is a good start and not too hard to do. I have started a barre class and boy that is a workout! I have discovered muscles that I didn't even know existed! When I watch the class, the moves look so easy! Stamina is required! OMG!!! I am thankful for our HempAid after those classes to soothe sore muscles. When the body works well, it's amazing how that affects our emotional and spiritual well-being as well.

I am looking forward to more fun this year as well. Just doing things that bring more joy into my life creates a healthier me. I love to dance and will look for opportunities to dance, maybe even by myself in the house with some of my favourite music.  I also want to find more time to be creative. I received a Zen tangle kit for Christmas this year from my wonderful sister and want to make more time to just make beautiful designs and stretch the creative brain.

It is my belief that the better we feel the better we are able to share that with others and bring more love and understanding to the world. After all, we can only give what we have inside of ourselves.

As my beautiful mother often said:  Be the change you want to see.

I hope the New Year is healthier, happier and filled with magic for all of us.


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