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At ZypChicks, we make everything — all our delicious hemp products — in small batches and from scratch. We put our energy, time, and passion into hemp because we care. We care about our customers. We care about our community. And, we care about the environment. 

All our products are VEGAN, GLUTEN-FREE, NUT-FREE because we want everyone to enjoy the benefits of hemp. Hemp is a superfood, high in a digestible complete protein, healthy essential omega fatty acids, and full of vitamins, mineral and anti-oxidants.  We source our hemp locally because we want the best for you. The recipes are our own, developed with love in our kitchen, tested by family and friends.  Everything on our ingredient list can be pronounced. We put time and thought into what goes in our products and source ingredients from our community as possible.
The Zyp family has always been involved in community — it is an inter-generational thing in this family. We are just following the example of our parents, Hank and Tillie Zyp. Some of ZypChicks’ contributions include Hope Mission, Boyle Street Coop, The Edmonton Food Bank, Play Around the World, Nekem.org, Camp FyreFly, and more. But our passion is WINhouse. We care deeply about our fellow Edmonton & area women.  Every May, 40% of every sale goes to WINhouse. It is a month where our profits go to support women who are  just like us, but in a difficult situation. 

Our customers, our community, and the environment — we see it as concentric growing circles of caring. 

At ZypChicks, we feel deeply our responsibility to be stewards of the environment for future generations. We choose hemp because it is a crop that gives so much: sequesters more CO2 and emits more oxygen per acre than forested land; requires no fungicides, herbicides or pesticides and little water to thrive; every part of the plant can be used for products from paper to denim to building materials and biodegradable plastics. We use use compostable packaging, reuse and recycle all packing materials, and run a zero-waste kitchen. 

Simply put, Theresa,and her family are passionate and our greatest passion is how hemp can help heal you and the world. 
Isn’t time you put a little ZYP in your life?

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