ZypChicks HEMP BROWNIE Cake Mix in a Mug!

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ZypChicks Hemp Brownies in a MUG are the BEST. Simple. Delicious. And everyone one LOVES them.📦
We have a little package of yumminess that you mix with water and oil (in the cute mug) and nuke to fudgey goodness!
Of course, our ZypChicks brownies are gluten free, nut free, and vegan. We are inclusive foodies: great food for EVERYONE!🥰
ZypChicks make a lovely gift for everyone for any occasion. These fun gifts are just $11 each!


⚫️ Gluten free

⚫️ Nut free

⚫️ Vegan

⚫️ Sinfully delicious

These make a delicious treat for all to eat. Topped with your favorite ice cream, these hemp brownies are hard to resist.

Message us directly for the different mugs available.