VEGAN Nacho Dip (It's not cheezy!)

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Our plant-based condiment is has it all!

It is packed with healthy fats from local hemp. It is also very high in protein! Rich in vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidants, our dip is SUPER easy to use. Just add  the mix to a cup of your fav salsa and a red or yellow pepper. Blend. Done. Enjoy!! 

Delicious, smooth, with a touch of heat at the end, this is a dip for all occasions. Use it with a veggie platter, steamed veggies, with corn chips, on tacos, as a spread for sandwiches, on eggs -- you won't be disappointed. Also great on cauliflower and in Mac & Cheeze! 

Ingredients: ZypChicks local raw hemp hearts, Nutritional yeast, Smoked paprika, Organic cane sugar, Sea salt, Turmeric, Cayenne, Onion powder.