ZypChicks Chocolate Sunshine Flavoured Hemp

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Cocoa and orange: it’s an iconic pairing, a match made in heaven!

The fresh, fruity citrus flavour perfectly balances the dark, rich intensity of the cocoa!

To keep our citrus fresh and never musty, ZypChicks dries and grinds fresh organic mandarin peels ourselves.

We have an ingredient list you can understand. No chemicals, just good food.

Wake up to Chocolate Sunshine: sprinkle it right from the bag on your toast, smoothie, yogurt, and oats! Use it in baking and granola; sprinkle it on popcorn, ice cream, or fresh fruit! Any way is a yummy way!

Ingredients: ZypChicks Hemp Hearts, Organic Dark Cacao, Organic Mandarin Orange Zest, Organic Cane Sugar, Sea Salt, Lots of Love! 

227 g bag