ZypChicks Natural Toasted Hemp Seeds 227g

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Hemp seeds are the whole seed, just as they come off the field.  At ZypChicks, we toast them lightly to bring out the crunch and the delicious nutty flavour. Really, they’re so addictively crunchy!

Hemp hearts, on the other hand, have the hull removed and are soft and creamy.

Eat ZypChicks’ toasted hemp seeds by the handful as a snack! Sprinkle them on your salad, soup, or casseroles! Enjoy them on baked brie, ice cream and fresh fruit. They’re delicious in baking, granola, and trail mix! Any way, they’re a great substitute for nuts. Your creativity is the limit!

Toasted hemp seeds are great for anyone with allergies to nuts. Substitute ZypChicks Natural Toasted Hemp seeds in your favourite recipe that calls for nuts. They’re delicious in baking!

They’re the super seed from the Canadian prairies!